basil leaf

Krishna Industries is equipped with a state-of-art manufacturing unit and production facility.

We have divided the sourcing process into various departments to ensure smooth working of each unit. We also have quality control inspectors who conduct stringent quality control tests at every stage of sourcing process and packaging. 

Our processing unit has a daily production capacity of 100 metric tons. It is equipped with the latest automatic processing machinery which ensures that quality of our product is always consistent to the requirements. The products pass through sortex machine which is equipped with 12 high resolution cameras that can identify and remove all foreign impurities. Quality is our foremost priority. The process conditions are constantly monitored and regulated to ensure the quality standard. The final product is released only after a thorough laboratory analysis. All the staff working at our factory are required to wear the prescribed uniforms, maintain the required hygiene levels and have undergone all required immunizations and vaccinations.