natural sesame seed

Sesame Seeds (Natural)

Sesame is among the oldest oilseed crops known, with a history of cultivation spanning over 3000 years. Today, India stands as one of the largest producers and exporters of sesame seeds.

A key compound in sesame seeds, sesamin, is recognized for its potent anti-cancer properties. It is known to protect DNA from damage during chemotherapy, attributed to its various beneficial properties such as anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-metastatic, anti- and pro-angiogenic, and pro-autophagocytic effects.

Sesame seeds boast the highest oil content among seeds, making sesame oil a popular choice in global cuisines, particularly in India, for cooking and other applications. Krishna Industries is a leading exporter and supplier of premium organic sesame seeds worldwide.



Country Of OriginIndia
Harvest PeriodKharif Crop (Oct/nov): Rabi Crop (May/June)
ColorWhite / Beige
 Shelf Life 18 Months From Production Date
 Type Sortex Clean / Machine Clean 
 Purity 99.97%, 99.95%, & 99.90%
 Availablity Whole Year
 GMO StatusNot Genetically Modified
Packaging10 Kg , 22.68 Kg, 25 Kg Multiwall Paper Bags, 1 Mt Tote Bags
 Labeling Private Labeling As Per Buyers Need

Container Capacity

20 Feet
Quantity :19 MT
40 Feet
Quantity :26 MT

Benefits and Uses:

  • One Of The Advantages Of The Sesame Is The Ability To Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels Due To The High Content Of Important Fatty Acids Omega 3 And Omega 6, And Lecithin Reduces The Possibility Of Fats Attached To The Vessel Walls.
  • Rich In Energy Which Is Highly Appreciated By Athletes.
  • Good For Healthy Cooking And Also Treated Suitable For Salad Oils And Margarine.
  • Used For Seasoning Purpose To Enrich Flavor Of Various Dishes & Sweets.